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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Something to smile about...

I know that it has been a long time since I blogged readers! Thanks for your patience. I was just inspired by an epiphany that involves self-esteem and I realized that My hiatus had to end today. Have you ever had an occurrence that made you stop in your tracks and critically think about your life?
I was recently tagged in pictures from a good friend that I have known for a large part of my life. As I looked at the photos and viewed the reflection of a younger version of myself something significant stood out to me. I looked different. I know you are probably thinking of course you looked different these are old pictures. It was not just the fact that I am older. It is deeper than that.
When I was a little girl I was always told that I had a pretty smile. When I got to middle school a girl told me that I should not smile because I had crooked teeth and I did not look good when I smiled naturally. She taught me how to hold in my smile. If you have ever been around me-you know that this is hard for me. My smile is a default. I do it all of the time and it is sometimes impossible to hold back even if I am not happy. I still feel joyful enough to smile.
Nevertheless, I learned the art of holding in my joy. I learned how to keep my teeth contained. In the pictures that I recently viewed I saw a vital component of Who I Am missing. I am not exactly sure when I decided to release the smile edict and embrace my smile again but I am glad that I did. Is there someone asking you to hold back your smile? Have you ever tried to disguise a natural part of your character? My advice is that it is not worth it. So many people have shared with me the power of my smile and I realize that to hold it back I am holding back a natural gift from others. This may sound a bit bold and possibly conceited but trust me that is not the point. The point is that all of us have a talent. Once you realize what your specific talent is...holding it back only harms others instead of helping them. Playing small or censoring your gift is not humble-it's just unfair. Think deeply about who you are as a person.
What are you complimented on the most? What do you love about yourself? Share it with others. Give them something to smile about.
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


It's hard to think about summer when the snow is still on the ground and the air is cold. But if you try really hard you can imagine warm weather, beaches and one of my personal favorites ice cream. Now that I have you focused...think about one other thing that makes summer special. Reading. Summer Reading is such an important activity for young people. It allows them to retain and/or improve their reading levels, increase vocabulary, stretch their creative muscles and it's just plain fun.
This summer me and my hubistrator will be working really hard to support the efforts of Southwest Early Learning Community. This group is located on Detroit's Southwest side and serves families and young people with family literacy and educational enhancement opportunities.
Are you interested in helping? Take a look at the side panel of this blog and donate a book. You can help a child get brand new materials signed by the author. As it gets closer we will let you know how it's going.
Summer should be about bike riding and ice cream but most importantly it should be about educating our young people and helping them with their literacy goals. That is my summer dream.
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