Professionals Against Bullying

Sunday, August 24, 2008


If a dream exists in your heart it can come true. The best ingredient for being succesful is belief. Many people may try to make obstacles the culprits in limiting happiness, acceptance, etc. If the term no one is perfect is true (which it is) doesn't that mean that all people can acheive whatever their hearts desire? Potential is not enough we have to bring a true belief, faith and hardwork into play and we will see great results. I told two girls when I was in juinor high school that I would be an author one day.... they laughed at me. They had on name brand clothes and were in the cool crowd I wore my brothers hand-me downs and did not belong to a crowd but I believed that I could write a book and now I am able to remind little girls and boys all over America of the dream that is brewing in their hearts. If it is a book, a song or a medical degree it can happen if we believe in ourselves!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Who I am not what I am! went to New Jersey last Saturday for a book signing at Newport Mall in Jersey City. This was a great experience for all who were able to share in the event. I met many diverse people who said that this book was exactly what they needed. Many came and shared their personal stories and much support for this book and its message. We also had an impromptu book signing at the New Jersey Sector of the New City Church of Christ. I met great girls who were ready to promote the message of self-esteem themselves. My next event will be in Cincinatti.....stay tuned!

Monday, August 4, 2008


I had a wonderful turnout to my signing at Borders in Oxford Valley Mall in PA. So many people were excited about my book and thought it was great to give their children a positive role model to look up to. One of the comments that I get the most at these signings is what is my inspiration for writing a book like "Who I am not what I am" My biggest inspiration is the thought that I could change the way others view the world and themselves with a few simple words. When people truly think about the concept of self-esteem and diversity they realize that these are important charateristics to pass on to their children but they don't always know how. Kids have questions about race, self and the world around do we answer these things and still shape them to be upstanding respectful and valuing of others? The best way is to teach them that people are people .....we love the same things like icecream, bike riding, etc. Janelle is a visual to remind people that people that appear so different from us really are not hard to understand we just have to lend a ear and be open to what they have to say.