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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thankful and all of those fuzzy thoughts...

Ok Readers! This is the time to say than you. Feel thanks and give more! I agree that we should feel this way everyday but November is a nice reminder for us. What will you do to encourage, love, share, give and care? My goal was not to rhyme but it was to make you think. How can we make our selves better people by thinking of others a bit more? That sounds a little selfish doesn't it? Isn't it funny that when we give to those around us we truly give to ourselves? I give myself secret giving challenges and it is always ironic how I feel when I am not acknowledged for my kindness. Although it is great to be recognized for giving-isnt it better when we are not? It is better for our own hearts when a kind gesture is not rewarded because it challenges the true motive for being thoughtful. Do I give for others to say how sweet I am-or do I give because I should. Because it is needed. Because it is my belief that giving is better than receiving? Feel free to share your thoughts on my morning ramblings. Keep in mind we are headed into the season when everyone is expecting gifts and even kids are writing lists about what they would like to appear under their own proverbial and literal trees…how can we teach them to savor and cherish the message of the giving tree and appreciate sharing a bit more than thinking about what they would like to get. I have a lot to teach this little guy about giving back and he reminds me everyday why I should give without expectation. -Read something great