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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New thoughts...New year

Are you eager to embrace your goals in 2013? Many people around you might be talking about their desires to get closer to fulfilling certain accomplishments. What about you? What will you plan on changing this year? How do you want to make 2013 better than 2012? Think about it. Close your eyes and picture yourself graduating from college, starting a new job or making that special dream come true. In 2008-I had a goal of being published. It took hard work, dedication and support from some of the closest people in my life and it finally happened. I remember how I felt when I got to see my name in print. I loved being at a bookstore signing out copies of my own writings for children and teachers. I felt elated that my goal was now a reality. As you begin to think of your next big goal being met-don't forget the ones that you already have been able to fulfill. What was hard for you last year? What made you work extra hard? Did you get to see it through to completion? Before starting your new goal list...write down the things that you already made happen. Mindfulness builds awareness of our strengths and gratitude to those who helped out along the way. You can do it. Next year is next week but you don't have to wait to embrace all that you can do right now. -Read something great

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Help us donate starter libraries!

Our books have been donated to various non-profits since 2008. We have been able to offer quality programming and literacy enrichment to raise self-esteem and promote the benefits of reading. You can get involved! Are you looking to support efforts that embrace goodwill? In 2013 our goal is to be able to donate 1000 starter libraries to deserving groups. Our starter libraries include each and every book "Who I Am" book and books from the "Teen Books By Tara" collection. Are you interested? A Starter library is $70.95 and gives non-profits an opportunity to have books available for clients that promote anti-bullying, diversity and self-esteem. Email if your non-profit would like to be added to our starter library list or if you would like to donate.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Throwback Blog! :)

The Night Before Thanksgiving By Tara Michener Twas the night before Thanksgiving and look at my house this place is so messy hope there is no mouse The dishes are piled all the way in the air and I still have so much food to prepare The guests will help themselves to pies and breads While thoughts of more gym time will be in their heads I need my hair done but I threw on a cap maybe while I'm under the dryer I'll take a short nap I started banging pots and pans and made such a clatter I lamented that after Thursday I would surely be fatter The day will come and go like a flash Then on Saturday I'll be signing books in a dash When, what to my wondering eyes should appear, Lots of little kids who want their books signed so dear I'll sign at the mall and try to be quick I'll be sure to have my sharpie never a BIC But until Saturday I'll focus on dinner and try to stay lucid Now potatoes, now rolls now tofukey and all I hope I have enough to feed them all My crock pot was boiling over like a brew A house full of food and so much to do And then, in a twinkling, I thought of my roof and happily felt blessed to serve in spirit and truth As I drew in my hand, and was turning around, I noticed all of the blessings around. I had great things and they would get done I needed to stay put I said a small prayer and stopped tapping my foot A bundle of food lay still in it's pack And I smiled as I lined up the to-do's in a stack My eyes -- how they twinkled! I no longer felt scary I began to prepare the pies apple and cherry I made things fancy adding a bow and wondered if tomorrow would bring our first snow I dug out our decorations and found our wreath Now I was grinning and showing my teeth I ignored my diet and embraced my little round belly That shook, as I laughed like a bowlful of jelly. The turkey looked pretty and plump, like art on the shelf And I laughed when I saw it in spite of myself; A tasted the gravy and tried out the bread Yep I realized I had nothing to dread; I stopped feeling bad and finished my work And wrote cards so fast I felt like a clerk Laying the bread in the dish that I chose I gave a nod, when I saw how it rose My hubby came in and looked impressed and gave a whistle I gave him a kiss as I held up the toe of mistle But I heard him exclaim, as he ran out of sight I can't wait to watch the game tomorrow night

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thankful for you!

As the season rolls around to TG-it is easy to rush through the week and go straight to the presents without realizing the gits that I have. I get impatient and sometimes I can forget to be grateful. This time of the year is a great reminder for me of where I've been and where I am going. It also is a great refresher to remember who helped me to get to where I am now. I am grateful for each and every one of you that reads my blogs, my books and my tweets. Your consistency calls me higher. You hold me accountable and you are my inspiration for doing the work that I do. This past weekend we had a thankful breakfast for our group "I Love myself Because..." The goal was to think about what people see in us when they have a first impression. Primarily we went with what people see on the outside. Answers ranged from big eyes, smiles, outgoing, shy. Next we talked about the hidden things. These answers got really interesting. Birth order, sensitive, kindness and other answers were revealed. What do people see in you when they 1st encounter your presence? Do they see a person who smiles? Who has kind eyes? When they get to know you better does their impression get better or worse? I hope that you see me as thankful inside and out! Because I am truly am blessed to have you as a reader! -Read Something Great

Monday, November 12, 2012

Taking a moment

I could use more time to reflect. I run...all of the time. I write. I present. I research. I counsel. I develop. I drink coffee. Reflection? sometimes. Today-I am deciding to take a moment. In that moment-I remembered dreams from years ago. I recalled wanting to be published. Wanting to be a speaker. Wanting to use my creativity in my job. Today I am doing that. I need to do my life and my audience justice by being mindful and grateful. You see as a child I had this dream to write and speak. I was told that I was not very smart. I heard often that I was not pretty enough. Skinny enough. Light enough. People laughed when I said that this was my career path. So now that I am doing what I dreamed of...I need to be in the moment. As an entrepreneur it is expected of me to be on the go and burning the midnight oil. It should also be expected of me to recall my small beginnings as I live out and continue to build my purpose. My journey has been hard-fought and I speak on bullying because I understand what it is like for a child to be told that their dream is to big. I know what it is like to be told as an adult that my dream is too big and I also know what it is like to be told that I should just settle down and be normal. I'm not settling down. But I will take a moment. A moment to thank you! My readers have bought books, shared referrals, sent emails, letters, pictures. My readers have told me their stories and their secrets. Without you-this journey would not be the same. So in this moment I am taking to be grateful-please know that you are in my thoughts and that you are making me smile! -Read something great

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hi Readers! It has been a long time and I hope this post finds you doing well. I have thinking about success a lot lately. Success is kind of like beauty in the way that it can be defined differently by different people. Values, skills, personal benchmarks all play a role in success. I was sitting in a meeting the other day and a quote resounded in my head. "Your success is not for you." I had no idea where it came from or why it was so blunt. I wanted my success to be for me. Sure I love giving back and having a charitable arm of my business-but I wanted to claim a bit for myself. ON exploring this thought-I had an epiphany. Success is something that inspires, motivates and holds others accountable. It encourages, it uplifts and it makes a statement. I know that my accomplishments have meant a lot to others. I have met people at book signings that have shared their own aspirations with me. I have talked to kids who have said-if you can write books-I can one day too. My own success affirms people that have come from similar backgrounds that the doom and destruction that others statistically predict for them-is false. They can be an author. They can own a business. They can give back. They can rise above.
My success is not for me. What is success to you? What does it mean? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. -Read something great

Saturday, September 1, 2012

I Love Myself Because...

Tweens and teens are faced with pressures to conform, to blend in and to play down traits that make them unique and special. When I was a tween I heard that I was too fat, too skinny, too dark, too short, that my smile was not pretty that my hair was too thick and even more critical insults that made me question my worth. I joined Girl Scouts but my family was not able to keep the dues up so I was not able to stay apart of the program. I remember wishing that I could go to a group and feel as though I belonged. I was not like a lot of other kids but as a grown up I realize that was more of a gift than not. Today I am no longer a tween or teen. I realize that my platform as an author allows me to use the knowledge that I give my readers beyond the bookstore. I created a program as a branch of Professionals Against Bullying called "I Love myself because..." This group has a format for fun, advocacy and leadership training. We empower girls to grow into their quirks and realize that what makes a person truly beautiful is being pretty both on the inside and outside. If you know someone who might want to be enrolled in one of our modules. Email me at Read Something Great!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Step 4 Anti-bullying Social Media Based Walk!

Our team at Professionals Against Bullying wants to raise awareness and funds to support future programming-we need your help. Our goal is to get everyone walking & tweeting in the name of anti-bullying. It all begins with a single step. Ask your friends, family and those who care about you to sponsor your steps and donate to bring more solutions to this cause. Donate $5 or more and we will send you a pedometer to keep track of your steps. If you can't walk and still want to give-we will still accept your support. Any questions? Let us know and be sure to tweet, youtube or Facebook your stepping adventures! -Read something great

Friday, June 1, 2012

Pondering Pretty...

As a child it became very clear to me that girls were supposed to be pretty. I was given frilly socks, pretty dresses and told to be sweet and that would make me beautiful. I remember entering grade school and realizing the goal of "pretty" could be hard for someone like me who had crooked teeth and very dark skin. Pretty can sometimes be a mystery. Maya Angelou said it best in her poem Phenomenal Woman. What do you think pretty is? Does it require the best clothes, hair or is it something deeper? As a grown-up I believe that pretty is kindness. Pretty is compassion. Pretty is caring about more than our looks and keeping our minds fixed on those in need. I am still striving for pretty-but changing the definition everyday. Join me in defining pretty. Read something great!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Summer Reading Contest

Summer is almost here and so is my newest book: Teen Life Crisis! Teen Life Crisis introduces the Braylee, a young girl who is known for being a great kid until she is faced with some tough situations that change her outlook on life. My work in anti-bullying has allowed me to meet people who have been bullied and who are accused of being bullies. What is your definition of a bully? Send your description of what you think a bully truly is to my email at and share your thoughts on the topic in 200 words minimum for a chance to win our newest book signed. -Read something great!

Monday, January 16, 2012

From Great!

Dr. King had a birthday yesterday.
Millions of people celebrated the day that he was born for a reason...he was great.
What is the difference between good and great-you may ask?
Good means not saying bad things about others...great means making sure you help others to use their words for a deeper meaning.
Good means not causing any problems...great means putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation to see others succeed.
Good can sometimes mean being quiet...Great means standing up for what you believe in-even if it makes you seem a bit loud.
Today I was honored with an award as a Keeper of the Dream from Oakland University. I was able to listen to the beautiful life story of Common and to interact with incredible individuals who believe in something bigger than themselves.

The people that I interacted with today are not good people. They are great people. They see bad things happen and they put themselves right in the middle of it to see change happen. They celebrate others and put themselves last. They care about their communities, schools and the future of the citizens that inhabit them.
I was good when I worked in a corporate office and clocked in. I am no longer good. I am striving to be great. When I visit children who need a reminder of their own potential-this gets me closer.
What gets you closer?
Let me know.
This dream that Dr. King had is still in need of those who choose to be great...which means we still need to choose to serve.
-Read something great!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Creating a spark...

Have you ever wondered how major things happen?
Big things like the Civil rights movement-or ending apartheid?
I can tell you.
It isn't by starting a Huge movement...
it is by igniting small sparks with focused thinking followed by action.
My career path began by jotting down a few notes in a journal-I coupled those thoughts with musings from my heart about self-esteem, anti-bullying and diversity.
My love of literacy intertwined with my love of people and my desire to see people cease judgement of one another and embrace strengths of common strangers.
This is what started my current career.

What will it take to start something big for you?
A deep conversation?

Allow every encounter to be the bread crumb that builds tomorrows bridge to your destiny.

It's a new year and we have to begin to allow new ideas to pave the way to new adventures!

-Read something great!