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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

In the name of inclusion...

Today I am gearing up for the Novi Chamber of Commerce Diversity Roundtable. This is a group of professional business people that meet on a monthly basis to educate, inform and support the cause of diversity & inclusion. I created this group in the Spring and have had overwhelming support from the leaders at the Novi Chamber of Commerce and area businesses to keep it thriving. We have discussed many relevant issues such as stereotyping customers, disability accommodating and more.
This committed group understands that diversity is everybody's responsibility. What can you do in your school, community or workplace to help inclusion be a success? Have you thought about it?
The goal of my children's book series is to educate youngsters on the value of
self-esteem and diversity. My books also help families to be able to incorporate inclusion into their household in a fun and informative way.
If you have not already read the "Who I Am" series please look for it today. You can purchase signed copies on this page. Everyone can make a difference and reading a book to a child to help them to love themselves and others is a great effort towards this goal!
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Sunday, September 27, 2009


This weekend was a whirlwind...I had a great time celebrating my husband's birthday and spending time with family. While I was at a play in Detroit...I met a Facebook friend in person. I had the pleasure of connecting with Adra Young on Facebook a couple of months ago when a mutual friend suggested that we meet. Adra is a happy and energetic author who happened to be a vendor at the play. We talked about the industry and our successes during intermission. It was great to do a book swap with her and introduce her to my family. I was grateful for the chance to meet a new friend along the way and I smiled at the opportunity to exchange written works with another local author. How open are you to meeting new people in your industry? I truly believe that people are placed in my path for a reason. Today keep your eyes and ears open you may make a new friend, meet a new business contact or share a common bond with someone new that comes across your path.
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Thursday, September 24, 2009


Reading is more than just a great activity. Reading a great book answers some of the hardest questions in the world. If you need a new can get a cook book. If you want to laugh...a joke book. If you want to write a great may need a Thesauraus or a dictionary to help out. If you want to get your book published...many books are out there to help with that endeavor. Reading is not only for helps us to understand how to function. I always find it sad when I talk to a child that tells me that they don't like books. I usually ask them why and a typical response is that reading is boring. When children are able to embrace the beauty of reading at a young is hard to think of it as a boring activity.

My goal as a published author is to help young people realize that success begins with a book. In order to do this I am committed to being a champion for Literacy. My "Be A Part Of Their Story" Literacy project is the first step to getting kids excited about the reading, writing, speaking and most important learning. It takes a book to teach a child that they can be anything they want to be. Many children may grow up in humble circumstances but a book can help them to climb out of those struggles into a world of opportunity. I should life was filled with books but not necessarily with wealth. My love for books afforded me opportunities that I otherwise would not be privy to.

A book is more than a story it is the key to a great future...

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I have recently teamed up with a great literacy non-profit called Little Girls, Big Dreams. They are located in Pontiac, Michigan (where I grew up). Pontiac is not know for having the best education opportunities or for having the deepest pockets. I find it a pleasure to say they have a non-profit like Little Girls, Big Dreams to make a difference. Reading to a child can truly change the course of their life and future. Many people who reside in our criminal facilities are people who are illiterate. Poverty and hopelessness claims the fate of the illiterate as well. Literacy is more than just reading it is made up of comprehension, writing, speaking, etc. I have a challenge for you today! Today decide to make new statistics. If you would like to be a part of my "Be A Part of Their Story" program you can email me at and I can give you more info. You can also decide to read a book to a child that you know. Remember to ask the child what they learned and discuss the plot of the book with the child. If you do this you are no longer an observer of our literacy rates being low but you are a active member of society changing our literacy rates for the better!
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Saturday, September 19, 2009


Have you ever heard someone say "that person is meant for greatness"? I often hear this phrase when people are referring to those who have accomplished insurmountable endeavors. Maybe they are a well-known author or an award winning singer...or maybe just a great person. If you have never heard someone say this about you personally...that is going to change.
I do not think anyone born into this world is meant for anything less. Make your own definition of greatness and go for it with your entire being. If you love to it with energy and enthusiasm (and don't be shy...share!) If you enjoy knitting make it your goal to do it excellently and continue to add to it to make it even greater. Every person you know has a gift and they are meant for greatness...they may use this ability or they may let it go to the wayside the choice is their own.
When a person realizes their worth they become even more valuable because they believe in themselves. Take sometime today and think about the things that you are good at. Write a list and brainstorm how you can become more effective in using these gifts to develop the greatness that you have inside of you. Share this exercise with someone you know and remind them of their talents and abilities.
Make today great and remember that you already are!
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


My grandmother once shared with me that she did not need to travel. I looked at her confused and waited for her to continue. She smiled at me and said that if she had a good book she could travel to any place that she chose to go. This did not make much sense to a small child who longed to travel and go to new places. As an adult I finally get it. My grandmother is a retired teacher and has given much of her life to helping young people embrace education. She would always take us to the library for fun and she enjoyed visiting bookstores before they sold coffee and sticky buns. Me and my brother would have no choice when we were with her...we had to pick up a book. What else do you do in a library? When she would take us to the mall we would get excited about clothes and toys-imagine our angst when we were walked into the mall bookstore.
It is said that a love of reading is passed down. It is also said that habits are made from consistency. My grandmother consistently pointed out to me the importance of reading and education and this helped to shape me into who I am today. If you have a young person in your life that could use an extra creative but help them to understand that opening a book can open their mind...their future and the door to their future career. Email me ( if you are interested in the "Be A Part of Their Story" Literacy Project.
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Monday, September 14, 2009

Making things better one book at a time...

When I was in middle school I clung to books more than anything. I was a awkward girl with big hair and fashion challenged clothes...but I was a reader! I was never without a book. I recall how books shaped me into a different person. I was teased for speaking proper instead of using the latest slang. I loved to write my own reviews about my latest read in my journal. I did not realize it at that time but reading on a regular basis made me a smarter person. I was not trying to be considered smart when I picked up a book I was trying to be entertained.
Reading on a regular basis allowed me to have a increased vocabulary, a love for writing and a great comprehension level. I was in the sixth grade when I was told by a school counselor that a test revealed that my English level was the same as a 11th grade student average. A love for literacy was planted in me when I became attached to books.
I would love to help others gain that passion for reading by stepping outside of my comfort zone and allowing others to use my books as a literary guide to their own special story. I am working on a project in conjunction with Little Girls, Big Dreams to expand the literacy level of 1st-4th grade girls in Pontiac, Michigan. I would love it if you would like to know more about this project. You can email me at We can change the world for so many people one book at a time. We will not only develop those who love a great story...but those who are future writers, reviewers and more because the possibility is truly endless when a child picks up a book.
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Thursday, September 10, 2009


Literacy is a topic near and dear to my heart. I loved it when my parents would read to me as a young child. I would listen intently as they changed their voices to sound like the characters in the stories that they shared with me. Listening was a lot of fun but when I entered first grade I had a problem. Although I enjoyed hearing the stories...I had a hard time reading them. I tried to comprehend the letters and pronounce them correctly but it was challenging.

My book supply at home had become low and I was not practicing as much as I should have. My teacher, Mrs. Jones did something to change my circumstances. She let me take home the books that she had in the classroom. I was able to study and practice more, but I was able to appreciate the activity of reading. I enjoyed understanding the plot of the colorful storybooks and I fell in love with reading. My grades dramatically improved and I was coming home with spelling tests that featured brightly colored A's.

I'm not sure if I linked my progress as a young girl to having newer fresh books around the house or not. As an adult I recall that reading new stories helped my imagination, creativity and it gave me the desire to write my own tales.
Today if you can help a child with a new book...don't hesitate.
You may change their lives.
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Saturday, September 5, 2009


The entrance of September brings fresh thoughts into many homes. It is that time of year again to think about school supplies, packing lunches and school curriculum. Children are wondering if there friends will be in their class or if they will have to make new friends. Teachers are preparing the year's lessons for their students. As an author my busiest time is during the school year. I love to visit schools and libraries and present my book (s) and programs to the children. I am blessed to be able to showcase programs on creative writing, diversity and self-esteem. Many of the PTA's request customized presentations so that their school is able to receive a special program built to fit the needs of the students. My new illustrator will be a part of the package this year and we have some fun exercises available for those who love to write and draw. Please let me know if you would like to have me visit your school. I travel around the country and offer presentations for any age group from pre-school to college. If you need a quote or would like to know more about my offerings please email me at
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