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Tuesday, August 24, 2010



Do you have a person or organization that changed your life as a kid? I recall being helped a lot when I was a kid by many people. Tutors, Teachers, organizations, authors that inspired me and the like. I am happy to work hard at being a memory in the life of area kids. I don't do this alone. So many people that I know sacrifice so much to give back. Today I want to highlight Operation: Kid Equip. This is a awesome non-profit that strives to supply Southeastern Michigan students with backpacks, books and more to make sure that they are well-equipped for a good education. They have a teacher's annex that allows educators to obtain free resources and they have special days that they give kids a chance to partake in getting everything that they need for the school year. I was blessed to be able to take part in one of their events over the weekend. Me and my hubistrator, Jason had an amazing 3 hour long raffle in which we provided books, t-shirts and pens to the lucky winners. We even got to meet the "Yak" from the Detroit Free Press and many other amazing volunteers. If you have a desire to give back look around. Many opportunities are everywhere and if you are in doubt-just ask! :) Read something great!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Introducing Mackenzie Larson and Teen Books By Tara Michener

My newest book, Summer Camp Survival is available for pre-order. This book is a chapter book geared towards the teen readership market.

About The Book

Summer Camp is supposed to be easy right?

Not for Mackenzie Larson who has always been considered “the brain” in her small town. Kids at school tease her for being smart and friendless. Vowing things will be different this summer, she arrives at summer camp determined to make new friends only to find the girls here are meaner then back home!
Teased and tormented about her hair, weight and everything else, she feels completely alone and hopeless…until she meets Zach, a hazel-eyed soccer player from the boys' camp, who thinks she is cool. But will Mackenzie finally take a look inside and believe in herself?

Are you interested in pre-ordering your own copy for someone special in your life? Use the paypal buttons to place your order. -Read something great