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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earthy creativity

In honor of Earth day I thought it would be great to share some creative activities to commemorate our planet's health and longevity.

-research the history of this special day and discuss with your family the need to conserve and protect our earth

-Make a poem or story about nature and the beauty of our planet (if you send this to I'll send you a "Who I Am" treat!)

-Volunteer at a recycling center

-Donate old or unwanted items instead of throwing them away

-Make a earth day scrapbook; Take photos of trees, flowers, etc. Add to it every year on this day and compare photos annually

-Have a Earth day celebration party and talk about why this day is important

-Brainstorm with friends your own ways to make this day special!

As always books have a great impact on our lives and our planet. If you find an interesting book that addresses this day and nature share it with a friend!

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Princeton comes to Michigan...

I have heard my fair share of stereotypes about young people and their lack of motivation. Today's blog makes me feel great because it always an awesome feeling to dispel generalizations.
My hubistrator (Jason) and I are co-chairs this year for the Princeton Prize in Race Relations Committee of Michigan. Our duties include seeking out young people (high school age) who have made strides in race relations. I am happy to say that this year's winner Shirisha Thota made an amazing difference in race relations by being innovative, hardworking and creative.
One of the first things mentioned about ths student when we talked to her reccomender was that "Shirisha's one of a kind; she's going to be president one day!" She describes Shirisha, a junior at Farmington H.S., as incredibly friendly, gregarious, passionate about social justice issues, a leader who leads by example and is well-respected and liked by her peers.
Shirisha has made personal contact with her state representative, Vicki Burnett, about promoting race relations in her school and county area, and is apparently on a first name basis with her! Shirisha is very proactive and has gone above and beyond in her role as a Youth Policy Leader. She is "thirsty for this kind of work" i.e.. work related to race relations, social justice, and intergenerational/interracial dialogues. She is working with her Vice Principal and community officials (like Representative Burnett, aka, "Vicki") about organizing more programs and dialogues to promote race relations, including people of all ages.
Shirisha was awarded with a monetary stipend and acknowledgement from Princeton University-she also was given an opportunity to meet her peers around the world at the National Symposium on Race at Princeton University.
Today's blog is dedicated to Shirisha for making Michigan stand out in diversity!
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Monday, April 12, 2010


As we get ready to enjoy this beautiful season of Spring with the flowers, bike rides and barbeques...let's add one more activity to the list. I always ask those that I speak to to take a closer look at themselves. Not just in the mirror but inside. We all have an internal mirror that tells us where we are with our self-esteem and confidence. If you are used to rushing through the day and not taking a closer look at your feelings_this post is for you!

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

Am I satisfied with the way that I look?

Am I proud of my accomplishments?

Do other people like being around me?

Do I forgive myself for making mistakes?

These are just a few to jot down in your journal and ponder.

I believe that exercises like these help us to discover ourselves in ways that a physical mirror cannot.
Smell the roses...enjoy spring and be sure to take a closer look at your internal mirror!

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy April...more than just showers!

Readers, if you are ever wondering how you can be more involved in your community-try researching the themes that coincide with the month. April brings many special topics to celebrate. I thought that today's blog would concentrate on sharing some of these with you. Many people are on spring break and this is a great time to build up your own self-esteem or someone else's in a creative way.
Take a look....

April Is Autism Awareness Month (find out more about charity walks, research, etc.)

April Is International Guitar Month (plan a concert in honor of this theme)

April Is Keep America Beautiful Month (volunteer to clean a park or neighborhood)

April Is National Child Abuse Prevention Month (donate goods to a shelter or youth organization)

April Is National Frog Month(read books based on frogs, have a event w/this theme)

April Is National Garden Month (plant a herb garden, help someone with their yard)

April Is National Humor Month(tell a joke a day)

National Volunteer Month (help someone in need-many opportunities are out there!)

April Is National Mathematics Education Month(tutor a child in math)

April Is National Poetry Month(send a poem to my blog-via comments!)

April Is Stress Awareness Month(Be aware of the stress in your life and take time to relax!)

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