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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Who is your Valentine?

This is the time when chatter turns to love. It is everywhere! People are planning special days, kids are making crafts and dances are popping up everywhere. How are you doing? Does this time of year make you think of a special someone? I created "I Love Myself Because" simply because I wanted little girls to love themselves. I wanted them to treasure all of the unique qualities about themselves that stand out and that may be surprising. I wanted them to love themselves because they are givers, they are kind, they are leaders, they are aware of their weaknesses. I did not want them to focus on a significant other when they thought about their reasons for loving themselves. Their is nothing wrong with having a crush or even a special someone. My point is that I want them to know that first and foremost they are a special someone. What are you doing this year? Regardless if you are spending Valentines day alone or with others-I have a bit of homework for you. Write a list of why you love yourself. It will make you smile. -Read something great