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Monday, August 31, 2009

Real, biological, natural...EVERYONE!

My newest book features Zoey, a young girl who is new to her family, school and neighborhood. Zoey is adopted and finds out that many people do not understand her when she enters her new classroom. Janelle (from "Who I Am Not What I Am") her new friend instantly encourages Zoey even though the other kids ask embarrassing questions that make Zoey feel uncomfortable. Zoey's journey in this book is to educate, entertain and make people think about the diversity of families in our society. I feel that it is important for kids to know that all kids and families may not look exactly like theirs but that does not take away their worth as a family or the child's worth as a kid. Talk to someone young today about their family and try to find out how their family may be unique from your own. This world is global and diversity is a beautiful fact if people continue to educate themselves and their loved ones of the benefits of differences and similarities.

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

If it wasn't for books...

Have you ever imagined a world void of books? I think that everyone would miss the memory of their first story hour. Kindergarten classrooms would not have much to rely on for building imagination without the tales of endearing characters. Reading would miss some of it's appeal if we could not use it as a past-time. Books have been my friend in writing reports, keeping me company on road trips and of course it is my career to write books that help children with their self-esteem & diversity. I'd like to think the books that I have written from the "Who I Am" Series has made some one's world a better place and that without it...things would not be the same. Making time to read is not always easy but the comforting thought is that when you take time to read your favorite book is right there waiting for you! Enjoy a great book today and cherish it because it is the core of education, fun and creativity. Read something great!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A story of my own...

Reflecting is a large part of my journey as a writer. I always enjoyed making up my own stories when I was a kid and I won many contests as a result. The first author book signing that I was able to attend was of the author Alvin Schwartz creator of the Scary Stories Series. I remember seeing the contest flyer on my middle-school library bulletin board and I immediatly talked to my librarian Ms. Walsh. I told her that I was interested in entering the contest and she told me that she would love to see my entry. I was an awkward girl with unfashionable clothes and low self-esteem. Writing was the one hobby that I enjoyed the most because I was able to journal about the sadness that I sometimes felt on the bus as I was being made fun of by the popular, well-dressed kids. This contest gave me a focus and it made me happy to be able to share my talent with others. I wrote an extremely scary story of my own and I was elated when Ms. Walsh announced that I was the grand prize winner. I remember sitting in the beautiful book store and listenng to Mr. Schwartz read one of his stories. I remember thinking this is it! This is what I should be doing! I held tight to my autographed copy of Scary Stories and I smiled from the inside out! The people that were the honorable mentions were able to join me and Ms. Walsh at a special dinner. It was one of the first times in middle school that kids did not make fun of my appearance. What I remember vividly is that they embraced me as a person and a talented writer...they asked me if I would be a writer when I grew up and I thought...Why not! This experience paved the way for my "Who I Am" series and helped me to be Who I Am today. What experiences helped you to be the you of today? Take this time to reflect and and recognize your journey.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

The week ahead...

Readers, I hope that this week will bring you closer to accomplishing your goals and making progress in your life. I will have a busy week and I am getting geared up for the Diversity Roundtable that I lead for local businesses. We often discuss and recognize how acceptance of diversity in the workplace, customer base and more can increase the professional brand image of their establishment and help them to gain great results amongst the communities that they serve. Are you working on developing a better brand image? How do you respond to challenging situations when you think no one is listening? Do you strive to be above reproach with your integrity? What are your goals professionally and how do you plan on implementing them? This week on Thursday I will be hosting the Power of People Seminar on Professional brand image, blogging for business case and more. The cost is $15/person and you can register using this page. I hope that your goals and benchmarks are met in an excellent way and that the map that you have planned out leads you to a destination of excellence. If you need help please do not hesitate to sign up for this week's seminar to give yourself the edge that you need to be successful.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We make it work...

As my readers you are entitled to know a bit more about me as an author than those who do not follow my musings online. Since we have this realtionship I feel that I can share with you a bit of a catastrophe that I had this morning that may yield some meaning for you and me to continue to try even when it is tough. I love the fact that my office is inside of my home this tends to give me the freedom to multi-task during my workday. I can work in my pajamas if I am not having a outside meeting, I can throw in some laundry while I finish tasks and yes ever so often I can get ambitious and decide to bake. Today as I was working I took a brief break and decided to bake a bread using a recipe that did not exist ...I figured I'd be creative. The mixture of batter included many ingredients that seemed like a good idea (assumptions, assumptions). When the bread was complete I took it out of the oven and smiled at it because it looked like it would be a great snack or tomorrow's breakfast. I let it cool on the rack as I continued to get more work done. I went back to actually sample a piece and found that the bread had grown considerably smaller in size and flatter! I sliced into it to find a doughy mush concoction that resembled applesauce with a yeasty texture. I decided that when life throws you dough...make cookies! So I did. Take a peek at the photos...these are my twice baked cookies! Okay so I have not tried them yet but I feel like it's kind of cool that I did not give up because things got tough. My moral to share with you is that if you are striving to be a writer, to finish college or just to make some great creative recipes...don't give up...sometimes the best ideas come after a revision!

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Sunday, August 16, 2009


Thursday night was a spectacular night of food, fun and networking! It was a blessing to be in the presence of so many accomplished local professionals. People that attended represented the children's party planning market, Human Resources, Accounting, Writing & editing, jewelry, and more industries that are thriving and viable in today's economy. I was even able to meet another children's book author who impressed me so much that we had to do a book swap. Her name is Sandra Epps and she also has a gift for face painting and art. Enjoy the pictures and join us at the next one! To get a enhanced strategy on effective networking sign up for our Power Of People Seminar on this page. It will take place on Thursday night at the Hampton Inn, Northville and the cost is $15/person. Learn how blogging, social networking and traditional networking can come together to take your connections and professional goals to the next level.
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Friday, August 14, 2009

Goals are meant to be reached...

What does it take to reach a goal? A class? strong faith? determination? It takes all of the above and more to make your goals a reality but once they are a's worth the hard work! Today make it a priority to evaluate your goals and to couple that with a plan. I was once told that dreams that have deadlines on them are goals. Dreams may come true or may not but if you set a finish by date you are more than likely to succeed. I always worked harder in school when I was under pressure. If there is something that has not happened for you yet that you want to see happen...put yourself under pressure and give yourself a finish by will be surprised at the results! I wish you the best in reaching your goals!

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Thursday, August 13, 2009


For a writer... inspiration can be found in your own backyard! The key to writing well is to have a good understanding of the images mentioned in your stories. Do you mention that her father is protective or that he guarded her like a rockwall in a garden of flowers. Can you use the same imagery that you see in your everyday life to take place in your stories? Her misery guided her to the pond. She sat on the bench wondering is she would ever be as still as the waters before her. Sometimes it can be therapeutic to let your thoughts settle to take a walk and capture photos of scenery that you find interesting. The photos that you see from today's post are from my neighborhood. People watching is also a great way to think of ways to make your characters real (I would not recommend taking photos of them without their permission). Being a writer is a creative process whichever way leads you to a great story, book or journal entry is the best way. I hope that you enjoyed seeing the highlights from my walk today!

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tara Michener's Summer Short Story Contest For Kids...

I hope that everyone is coming up with great short stories for the contest! Remember the guidelines that you need to have at least 500 words, be 16 and under and email me your story before August 27th at 12 a.m.! Ideas are everywhere...have you been to any fun locations this summer? Watched any good movies? Did you make new friends? These are a great start to good stories but I am happy to see what you want to focus on. Every participant can win! Each entry must be submitted to before the deadline. As long as you get it to me in time you get fun, "Who I Am" merchandise! If you know someone who loves to write...please pass this info on!

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


There is a saying that “paper is more patient than man”….Yes, there is no doubt that paper is patient and as I don’t intend to show this cardboard-covered notebook bearing the proud name of “diary,” to anyone, unless I find a real friend, boy or girl, probably nobody cares. And now I come to the root of the matter, the reason for my starting a diary; it is that I have no such real friend.

-Anne Frank

If you have ever wondered why people enjoy writing this quote above sums it up. People face so many trials and challenges both good and bad (yes you can have a good trial or challenge). Have you ever just wanted to ramble off all of your thoughts? Remember an important to-do? Write a fun story or describe a tree in full detail? All of this can be done in a blank sheet of paper bound in a book that is only meant for your eyes to scan. Journals offer people a release and it does not inhibit us from really being true to ourselves. The best books come from the musings of a journal. My first main character Janelle came from a journal. I wrote about my life and how being married to my husband had caused conflict with people in our lives due to us being from a different racial background. Many people would ask us questions such as what will you do about the kids? We were only dating at this point so we thought this was a weird question but that question made me realize that some people had problems understanding multi-cultural families. I decided to journal about this and from my writings came Janelle. Studies have proved that journaling is a large key to stress relief. Your journal will never get tired of your thoughts. It will always be the open book that you can pour your soul into without the threat of rejection or ridicule. Even though we may not all be writers we all have a story and having a journal makes the story known even if it is just to ourselves.

Take sometime to write down your innermost thoughts this week and see how it changes your perspective.

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Monday, August 10, 2009


I love to use social networking sites to meet new people. I have a healthy amount of friends on Face book, My connections on Linked In are pretty high and I just love my followers and those I follow on Twitter. In this day and age social networking can help people to advertise their businesses, network online and make old connections fresh again. I realize that their is true value in social networking and that is one of the reasons why I created the Power Of People Seminar series that allows people to come and find out how social networking entities like blogging, Twitter and more can help their chances of gaining a better professional brand. I have to admit although social networking is a great reward and enhancement to any business...the face to face interaction is just as important. I love to attend networking events and meet people face to face and exchange business cards. I find out so much about people by attending soirees, after five events and the like. If you would like to give the laptop a break and get out and meet people that might make a difference in your professional growth ...join us on August 13th at the Networking @ Night Business Card can sign up on my site and reserve your is the deadline!

Hope to see you soon!

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Friday, August 7, 2009

"Never dull your shine for somebody else."

"Never dull your shine for somebody else." -Tyra Banks. I love this quote because too often it is implied that greatness is something to be bashful about. How many times have you held back an accomplishment about yourself from someone to fear the risk of looking overconfident? When I first got published I was modest about sharing it with people because I did not want them to think that I was conceited or boasting about my talent. I find it interesting now because I realize that true friends will celebrate one's victories and push them forward towards bigger and better endeavors. If you are reading this post and you have a dream to do anything from write to paint to dance do it with such fervor that you shine as bright as the stars. I try my best to surround myself with positive people that add value to my life. I am very excited about the upcoming networking night at Sweet Lorraine's on August 13th from 6:30-8:30. This will be a great time to speak to local professionals, enjoy appetizers, raffles and to let your dreams, goals accomplishments shine in front of people of value. I hope that you can make it...your spot can be reserved by using the paypal button on this page! Have a great day.
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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tara Michener's Summer Short Story Contest For Kids...

Okay Readers, gear up for fun and prizes! If you know any children under sixteen years of age that enjoy writing be sure to keep reading! Nothing says summer like summer reading except summer writing! Many libraries have contests and programs going on right now that emphasize the importance of keeping the brain active by reading books. I think this is a great concept and I'd like to take it one step further by helping kids to stay engaged in their writing during the summer. Any child under sixteen years of age can enter my Summer Short Story Contest! The guidelines are simple: send in a 1.) email to with the subject line Tara Michener's Summer Short story Contest 2.) story entries must not exceed 500 words 3.) Please keep content positive 4.)be sure to include contact info such as name, school, email and address. There will be multiple winners of assorted "Who I Am" Merchandise! The deadline for the contest is August 27th! Get ready, get set, start writing!

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

~ More business decisions occur over lunch and dinner than at any other time, yet no MBA courses are given on the subject. ~

I've always been a person that enjoyed making new friends. When I was around five I had a best friend named Jenny who lived next door. Jenny and I would put our dolls in strollers and go to the pool and the playground. We did not always agree and we had many arguments but we would not hesitate to knock on each others doors the next day despite our differences. From the outside looking in we may not have looked like we should have been friends. Jenny was Hispanic and Caucasian and I am African-American. I'm not sure if we cared about race we just cared about seeing who could race the fastest around the block. Today, I still enjoy making new contacts. I seek out those who have like-minded interest and those who have different professions, interest and backgrounds. I'm grateful that I learned early on that diversity of thought and background is not something to be threatened by but something to help me to take my thinking to the next level. My books focus on children that may not be seen as the "norm". My character's experiences are meant to be shared with every child even if the child reading the story cannot relate to the character personally...they can learn from Janelle or Zoey or future characters that I create. I am grateful for the upcoming Networking Night and Business Card Exchange on August 13, 2009. This event will help professionals to get out of there comfort zone and meet local business people that may share a common interest or a differing interest but there is extreme value in both. If you are free on August 13th and would like to be included in a night of networking after five, raffles, appetizers and fun...I am looking forward to seeing you there! You can register on this page using the pay pal buttons.
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Saturday, August 1, 2009


Have you ever saw a person in passing in passing and thought you had them figured out...only to talk to them later and realize that you did not know them at all? I find that when I talk to someone at a networking event that I am able to get up close and personal and find out more about them as a professional and a person and also to figure out how their business objectives might match my own. Many of my business partners are people that I have been able to connect with by using the art of networking. On August 13, 2009 from are cordially invited to bring your business cards and your appetite to our Networking Night & Business Card Exchange that will be held at Sweet Lorraine's, Livonia. This event will include Area professionals from all industries, appetizers, raffles and more important an opportunity for you to put your best foot forward and expand your network! Sign up today using the pay pal option on this site.
Positive connections are needed now more than ever.
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