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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Biggby, Northville featuring Tara Michener!

Hi Readers!

I hope that you are able to bring your family to my storytime spectacular at Biggby, Northville on Sun 11/30 12-2. We will have coloring, storytime, a 1 page story contest for the kids, discounts on Who I am Cocoa and more! I'd love to see you and your family for pre-holiday fun! Biggby, Northville is selling my books right now as a pre-sell. Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I hope that my readers know what I am truly thankful for.

I am thankful for the kids that run up to my table at book signings

I am thankful for the people that share their personal stories with me

I am thankful for those who have attended my workshops

I could go on but the point is that I am thankful for people like you who read my blog and help me to be a success! I hope to see you this Sunday!

Have a great T-day (for me it's tofurkey) :)

Read something good!

Monday, November 24, 2008


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of the readers who stopped by Walden Books (Westland) on Saturday. Many customers bought more than one copy of "Who I am not what I am" at this signing. I am always touched when my book is added to readers book shelves and even more elated when it is given as a gift to someone. This holiday season readers and their families have the chance to see me at Biggby Coffee, Northville (8 Mile/Haggerty) on Sunday Novewmber 30th! This will be a fun event complete with a 1 page story contest, coloring sheets, storytime, discounted cocoa, and more! I hope to see you there! Have a great day and remember that I am always thankful for readers!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


In this fast-paced world it is so easy to never reflect or evaluate life. I've been reading my old journals from 10 years ago and I am shocked by the girl in those pages. She is kind and fun yet she is not the person typing this blog post right now. I hope that people still find me kind and fun but I see alot of growth maturity wise in the person that I am today. I also believe that I can steal some of the charateristics of the person that I used to be. Do you ever take time to read over old journal entries, viusit old friends and/or even close your eyes and think about what you wanted more than anything five to ten years ago? If so do you still want it now? Have you gotten it? Was it worth the desire? Take time today and reflect. Are you doing what you were menat to do? Does your presence in others lives help them to be better or worse? I will be at Westland Mall this Saturday @ Walden Book from 1-3 signing books so if you happen to do some soul searching I'd be happy to hear what you came up with. Have a great week!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Hi Readers!

This is such a busy time of the year with planning menu's and buying gifts. I'm hoping that my book can make a debut at some of your holiday events. "Who I am not what I am" is a great gift if you are visting a household with an elemnetary age child present. Another idea for gift giving with "Who I am not what I am" is for any teachers that are on your shopping list. Teachers have been some of my biggest supporters and they continue to spread the message of self-esteem and diversity everyday to young ones worldwide. I will be signing books at the Westland Mall @ the Walden Bookstore from 1-3 on Saturday. I hope to be able to meet you and sign a book for someone special. This will be my last signing before Thanksgiving. My next event will be at Madonna University Library on December 4th at 1:00 p.m. I hope that you make it a great day and read something good!

Tara Michener

Monday, November 17, 2008

Making Time to write

As author of "Who I am not what I am" I spend lots of time at signings and events. My calendar typically is filled with meetings, workshops, classes and other book promotional agenda items. The hardest thing to do as a writer is write. I know that it sounds funny considering that's what I am and what I love to do. In order for me to be able to write on a regular basis I have to allow time in my day just for writing. I typicallly use a timer and turn off all of the distractions and just let my fingers tap the keys on the board until I have written works on my page. If you are aspiring to be a writer but feel that life is too busy to start your book or finish your poem... try a timer. It is also really helpful to make yourself a haven and let the thoughts run wild on your paper. Make sure those who live with you know not to disturb you during your writing time. Use a do not disturb sign for your door if need be. Being a writer is hard work and this is mainly because it takes a great amount of discipline and effort to actually get the writing done. Try these tips today if you are having a hard time finding space in your day to write. This Saturday I will be in Westland Mall (Walden Books) signing from 1-3 and remember the Creative Writing Workshop is coming to an end soon. The last class for the year is December 13th from 10 a.m. until 12 p.m. I hope to see you there! Have a great day and take the time to write!

Friday, November 14, 2008


One of the best things to me about facilitating writing workshops is the chance to inspire and be inspired. Everyday people encounter great story prompts. The child at the grocery store who is crying could be a great topic for a story or poem....the man who is at Starbucks everyday in the same seat alone could be the beginning of the best novel. When we begin to use our minds to see the potential in ordinary details the story is in the middle. I had such a great time last night at the Creative Writing Workshop (Eve) session. I am always amazed at the talent that develops from these meetings. Many people start off by saying "well I'm really not that good". These are the same people that evoke emotion with their works. The workshops are great because they help the attendees to think about writing in a different way. It is a fun community of people with the determination to see what their creativity can say out loud on paper. The next and last one in this series is December 13th from 10a-12p at the Novi Civic Center. This week I will be doing a children's program and signing at the Madison Heights Library...from 2-3. Next week I will be at Westland Mall on the 22nd of Novembe from 1-3 at the Walden Books store. I hope to see you soon and remember to read something good...and then write about it:)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A sincere Thank you!

In the past six months, my life has changed dramatically! "Who I am not what I am" was published in April of 2008 and my life went from ordinary to extraordinary. This is because of my readers and supporters. I have been able to sign many books for schools, libraries, churches but even more important I have been able to personally sign books out to my young readers! It is such a gift to be able to have a child look at me and realize that the stories they write in their notebook can one day become published. I have talked with so many aspiring writers who love to read and want to write one day. It is a true joy to share with them that my hope is to have them sign a book for me one day. I acknowledge that my success is from everyone who loves Janelle and her story of embracing self-esteem. I do not take my readers for granted. Those of you who believe in the message of my book are my cheerleaders, promoters, publicists, and teachers. When you tell someone about my book help me to grow as a writer and person. You teach me that one person can truly make a difference. I have so much fun teaching the creative writing workshop and watching authors- to- be appear before my eyes. It is so much fun to see people who claim that they are not good at writing deliver a master piece to the class and hear praise from everyone. Writing has opened up so many possibilities for me. The best one is getting to engage with people and be vulnerable with my story as I listen to theirs. You have a story inside of you....make sure that you get it out. I'd love to see you tonight at the Creative Writing workshop from 6p.m.-8 p.m. at the Novi Civic Center. If you can't make that one the next one is December 13th from 10 a.m.- 12 p.m. I am also signing books in Madison Heights for a children's program this Saturday.

As something good!

Tara Michener :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


When I decided to take on writing full-time many people congratulated me on following my dreams. I thought this was a nice thing to say (and I still do). However am I following my dream or leading my future? I have always wanted to write full-time. I enjoy people and I've had it on my heart to have a profession path that enabled me to speak to all types of people for a living. I am doing that now. The thing that is funny is that my dreams are a yearning but my decision to make writing and speaking a career was my choice. Dreaming is so important but it takes more than just a thought or a hope to make a career. It takes tenacity and a tough skin. Many people may think I've taken a big risk by writing I believe that it is much more uncertain to let someone decide your destiny for you. Today if you have a dream....plan a action agenda to make it become a reality. You may have people that question your motives...that's good! You get to answer their question with the success ahead. Speaking of preparing for the future if you have any interest in writing I invite you to attend my workshop tomorrow in Novi at the Civic Center from 6-8 p.m. Email me if you need more details at I'll also be signing books in Madison Heights this Saturday. Next week I will be signing books in Westland Mall...get a book for someone special and don't hesitate to take control of your future:) A dream is a goal waiting to be obtained!
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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The best gift

When we think about gifts it is so easy to have visions of wrapping paper and bows. The holidays are near and everyone is checking their budget for the best gift to give to those they care about. When I think of some of my favorite gifts that I received as a child....I remember anticipation of pretty dolls with perfect hair and painted faces. I also remember reading stories from brand new books. The pages full of beautiful illustrations and the story living in my heart after the book is closed. My goal is to give a gift with my writing so that when I am no longer here my words still speak. I hope that even though dolls are pretty and dainty that kids realize they don't have to look like plastic figures to be accepted. Some of the gifts given this year will not be as new as some of the books that I received when I was young but they will be worth so much more than the price on the back cover. If a book can help a child to understand someone who is different and to embrace the unique qualities that they have inside of themselves that book is priceless even if it has a tattered cover. Read something great!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Did you know that when I blog to you it's actually exercise? I'm not going to lose any weight typing but it's a great writing exercise for me. When I tell you about my day, signings, etc. you actually help me to be a better writer. If you are trying to hone in on your skills as a writer try crafting short stories in a notebook every day. It does not take too much time to practice your writing. A good tip could be when you first wake up in the morning write a story about your dreams...make it fun and change details around to suit your story line. You can even finish out a dream that did not have a ending. Thanks for reading and keep writing those words on paper eventually they will jump off of the pages and land in others hearts:)
Tara Michener:)

Great Lakes, A River and Snow


I had a blast with you all this weekend! My Saturday signing was at Great Lakes Crossing Mall in Auburn Hills, MI. What a crowd! One of my customers bought 23 books for her daycare centers....Thanks so much!! I was so elated with the turnout. I sold out fast and spoke to many wonderful people. The next day I went to Writers on The River in Monroe. This event had over 35 authors! Many were seasoned authors who had written many children's books. The person next to me was Cyd Moore. Cyd is a kind, fun illustrator of many wonderful Children's works. I actually bought her book Willow which I found colorful and also thought provoking. This event was a breath of fresh air as I noticed newer authors such as myself and more seasoned veterans like Cyd. The staff was kind and I truly enjoyed the people that showed up to purchase books. Imagine my suprise when I noticed the snowflakes hitting the pavement on my way out of the venue. I know that it is November but I did not expect to see our white flaky friends just yet. So as I said this was truly a fun weekend...and very busy! This week I will be teaching a workshop in Novi from 6-8 at the Civic Center Thursday and in Madison Heights signing books on Saturday. I look forward to seeing you! :)

Read something good!

Tara Michener :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008



This is going to be a busy weekend for me. I notice that I always have to be careful when multi-tasking to remember important rules. One of my rules is just because I'm busy I should not skimp on being kind to others. Have you ever noticed that when you are in a rush that you can treat others in a way that is less than desireable? I wonder if this is because it takes time and thought to be courteous. If it takes me two minutes longer to be kind today or tomorrow it's worth it, if it makes someone feel better. Let's make a pact today to focus on this rule of matter how harsh people may be with us ...let's show them kindness. If we do this I believe we will feel alot better about ourselves and also help them to embrace the kindness that we offer.

This weekend you have two opportunities to see me and "Who I am not what I am". I will be signing books in Auburn Hills at Great Lakes Crossing Mall ( Borders Express, Auburn Hills). I will be signing books tomorrow and be a featured author at "Writers on the River" in Monroe, MI at the Public Library.

Have a great day & read something good!

I hope to see you:)

Friday, November 7, 2008


One of my biggest goals with my books and my speaking ventures is to get a very important message across. YOU MATTER! Many people feel as though they do not make a difference and they may feel as though their actions don't impact anyone. Everyone makes a difference in this life. We get to choose if our choices will bring good or bad to others. I hope that you choose good. Simple things can make a big impact on others. If you decide that today you are going to smile at people more. You've made a difference. If you choose not to respond to've made a impact. When we choose the right thing we help when we don't we may's always our choice ....and our choices always matter. This Saturday I hope that you have time to stop by and see me at Great Lakes Crossing Mall. I will be signing books there from 1-3. Sunday I will be in Monroe at Writers on The River. Thursday Evening I will be teaching a creative writing workshop for those of you who prefer evenings:) This is a great way to put your thoughts into action and sharpen your writing skills. I hope that your day is great!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


The Creative Writing Workshop series began yesterday. Eager participants had pens and one had a laptop ready to hone their skills as writers. Their reasons for being there varied. Some just wanted to share their written works and get feedback...others talked about dreams of writing their own book one day and thought this would be a great place to begin. The day opened with timed writing exercises of many different kinds. Thier was an emphasis on free-writing, poetry and even some time to openly critique others works. I heard the beginnings of great written works yesterday and was very proud of the group that showed up on such a beautiful day to let their thoughts run wild on paper. I hope that you can make the next one which will be November 13th from 6-8 p.m. My goal is to vary the times and days so that all who wish to attend a workshop are able to benefit from the series. In December we will feature a weekend session for those who have free-time on Saturdays. Remember that I will be at Great Lakes Crossing Mall in Auburn Hills this Saturday from 1-3 at the Borders Express. I hope to see you there. Today I am heading out to a pre-school in Canton to do a reading and a program. Have a great day and don't be too busy to read something great!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Thanks Southgate...and more!

Everybody that stopped by the Southgate signing was appreciated. Thanks to the wonderful staff at the book store. It would be impossible to have a good event without the helpful staff at the stores. Yesterdays staff at the Borders Express was a great bunch! Pictures to come later. One of the best things about my signing yesterday was a lady who had been trying to make it to my events from the very beginning. Tamara emailed me after an article was published in one of the local newspapers. She mentioned that this book would be great for her family and she'd love to meet. I sent her my schedule but we were never able to meet up until yesterday. She was so full of joy and enthusiasm and had a great attitude. The signings are great because the people that attend and help out make them that way. I am looking forward to seeing more of you at The Great Lakes Crossing Signing this upcoming Saturday. Thanks again for bringing rays of sunshine to me even in November:) Remember that this Wednesday is the Creative Writing Workshop in Novi it's not to late to brush up on your writing and learn some more tricks of the trade.

Thanks again for reading and have a great day!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Hi Readers,

The season will soon change and the leaves will be replaced with snow. Let's remember to be thankful for all of our friends, family, jobs, blessings, schools, _________ fill in the blank. This is also a good time to make sure we are satisfied with ourselves. Can you be more grateful for someone that you appreciate? Are you happy with your grades in school? I made some changes in my career recently and now I am writing more than I have in a long time but I am also happier. There is nothing wrong with change. The seasons do it! :) Enjoy your day and I hope to see you in Southgate from 2-4 today. You made my day by reading. I'll try to make your's by writing.