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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I love to write! It makes me feel very happy when people say that they enjoy "Who I am..." Sometimes the power of words can be a thing that uplifts others and makes them see the value in others and in themselves. I'd like to use my words to inspire, uplift and encourage. This is a good subject to ponder. If words can build up...they can also tear down. Be careful to use your words to empower others not to take away their power. Say hello to someone you don't usually talk to, compliment a outfit that you think is nice and refrain from saying something bad about someone who has wronged you. Your words are powerful...use them for good:)

Sunday, September 21, 2008



I wanted to send you a note of hope....DREAM BIG! Even if you think that your goals are too large and how could it ever happen for you...and how could you possibly do _______ (fill in the blank) when you can't even clean your room! You can do it! A dream is important...a goal is a dream written down. Make a plan. What do you want to do? Do you want to be a writer? Use a journal everyday and make up stories, log the events of your day, can write -if you want to. Do you wnat to dance? Take classes..practice and practice again! You can do it. Everyone's dream seemed big at first...but when you practice and believe in yourself it gets more realistic everyday! I wanted to be a writer since I was in elementary school. Many said it would never happen so I stopped talking about it and started writing. When "Who I am...." first arrived in bookstores people were shocked! How did you do it? Wow! (they said) I've always wanted to do that........Don't just want! OPut it into practice.....this is how we make our dreams come true. No magic wand, or fairy dust..just a prayer and practice will make it come true. Dream big today!


I had a great time with the people who joined me in Ann Arbor at Nicola's yesterday! I was able to read stories to multiple groups of people, sign many books and have great chats with people. I also met a children's book author and was able to have a book signed from her. She happened to bring her daughter to the store to get a book signed and her daughter told me that her mom wrote kid's books:) we found it in the store and it was signed for me:) isn't it great that when you refresh others you are also refreshed? My next signing will be in Chicago on October 4th. I'll give more details closer to the date. If you stopped by Nicola's yesterday thanks for the support!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

COME SEE ME IF YOU CAN............

I'm on my way to Ann Arbor for a book signing and presentation on "Who I am not what I am". I'd love to see all of my readers and those interested in reading. If you plan on stopping by please bring a friend that could benefit from this book. It's nice to be local this weekend...I'm really looking forward to being in such a fun and creative environment to share the message of this book. See you soon:)

Monday, September 15, 2008

School is back in...self-esteem should be top of mind

The leaves will begin to change color soon and children are back in the classrooms we all need to remember that this is a critical time to remind kids of their worth. One of the hardest challenges that students face growing up is encountering new classmates, schools and learning expectations. Let's make sure that all kids are constantly told how important they are. It is important to celebrate all aspects of a child, not just the exterior. Kids that love to read should be complimented on their love of books in word and action. Let's ask them about the stories that they enjoy, ask them why and buy them new books to keep their interest fed. Take them to libraries and other events that reinforce their hobby. I will be at at Nicola's Bookstore (Ann Arbor) this Saturday at 12 noon. I look forward to seeing all of the supporters of Whoiamnotwhatiam!