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Monday, September 15, 2008

School is back in...self-esteem should be top of mind

The leaves will begin to change color soon and children are back in the classrooms we all need to remember that this is a critical time to remind kids of their worth. One of the hardest challenges that students face growing up is encountering new classmates, schools and learning expectations. Let's make sure that all kids are constantly told how important they are. It is important to celebrate all aspects of a child, not just the exterior. Kids that love to read should be complimented on their love of books in word and action. Let's ask them about the stories that they enjoy, ask them why and buy them new books to keep their interest fed. Take them to libraries and other events that reinforce their hobby. I will be at at Nicola's Bookstore (Ann Arbor) this Saturday at 12 noon. I look forward to seeing all of the supporters of Whoiamnotwhatiam!

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