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Monday, May 3, 2010


Readers, please forgive my absence. I am happy to say that my time away was well worth it. I apologize for not keeping you in the loop. Since I have been away from the blogosphere-great things have been happening. I have been able to meet some of the most amazing teens across America!! I connected with some great local teenagers at the Connections Conference hosted by the Michigan Roundtable For Diversity & Inclusion. Young people from the metro area and behond got together to make a change in their schools (Pictures will be forthcoming.
This past weekend I met with some wonderful people who are not only making a difference in diversity realtions in their communities and schools but all over the world. I was able to to be a presenter at the Annual Symposium on Race Relations tat is hosted and founded by Princeton University. I promise to share lots of photos with you soon. Please let me know if you plan on taking some of this inspiration and changing your school, workplace, neighborhood, etc. I'd love to know about positive energy flowing globally.
If you have been inspired by a book that focuses on positive energy and being a giver-I'd love to hear about that too. Keep me posted.
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