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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Do you have a person or organization that changed your life as a kid? I recall being helped a lot when I was a kid by many people. Tutors, Teachers, organizations, authors that inspired me and the like. I am happy to work hard at being a memory in the life of area kids. I don't do this alone. So many people that I know sacrifice so much to give back. Today I want to highlight Operation: Kid Equip. This is a awesome non-profit that strives to supply Southeastern Michigan students with backpacks, books and more to make sure that they are well-equipped for a good education. They have a teacher's annex that allows educators to obtain free resources and they have special days that they give kids a chance to partake in getting everything that they need for the school year. I was blessed to be able to take part in one of their events over the weekend. Me and my hubistrator, Jason had an amazing 3 hour long raffle in which we provided books, t-shirts and pens to the lucky winners. We even got to meet the "Yak" from the Detroit Free Press and many other amazing volunteers. If you have a desire to give back look around. Many opportunities are everywhere and if you are in doubt-just ask! :) Read something great!

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