Professionals Against Bullying

Sunday, August 24, 2008


If a dream exists in your heart it can come true. The best ingredient for being succesful is belief. Many people may try to make obstacles the culprits in limiting happiness, acceptance, etc. If the term no one is perfect is true (which it is) doesn't that mean that all people can acheive whatever their hearts desire? Potential is not enough we have to bring a true belief, faith and hardwork into play and we will see great results. I told two girls when I was in juinor high school that I would be an author one day.... they laughed at me. They had on name brand clothes and were in the cool crowd I wore my brothers hand-me downs and did not belong to a crowd but I believed that I could write a book and now I am able to remind little girls and boys all over America of the dream that is brewing in their hearts. If it is a book, a song or a medical degree it can happen if we believe in ourselves!

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