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Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy April...more than just showers!

Readers, if you are ever wondering how you can be more involved in your community-try researching the themes that coincide with the month. April brings many special topics to celebrate. I thought that today's blog would concentrate on sharing some of these with you. Many people are on spring break and this is a great time to build up your own self-esteem or someone else's in a creative way.
Take a look....

April Is Autism Awareness Month (find out more about charity walks, research, etc.)

April Is International Guitar Month (plan a concert in honor of this theme)

April Is Keep America Beautiful Month (volunteer to clean a park or neighborhood)

April Is National Child Abuse Prevention Month (donate goods to a shelter or youth organization)

April Is National Frog Month(read books based on frogs, have a event w/this theme)

April Is National Garden Month (plant a herb garden, help someone with their yard)

April Is National Humor Month(tell a joke a day)

National Volunteer Month (help someone in need-many opportunities are out there!)

April Is National Mathematics Education Month(tutor a child in math)

April Is National Poetry Month(send a poem to my blog-via comments!)

April Is Stress Awareness Month(Be aware of the stress in your life and take time to relax!)

-Read something great!

1 comment:

Megan Anne said...

Thanks for these tips and ideas! I LOVE keeping up with holidays and months and such. So much fun!

I hope you had a HOPPY Easter!