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Friday, January 7, 2011

Letters...A new concept

I LOVE the social media age. I think that it is great when I go to schools and I get to see how new technology is teaching young people how to be creative. Most of the kids and teens that love my books understand technology better than their parents. I was able to speak to a group of teens about a month ago about the importance of social media and of course etiquette online. It was a great talk and I walked away feeling as though they had a good grasp on using technology to better themselves.
What I did not talk about was handwritten notes, old fashioned letters or stationary.I was able to meet someone who I now call friend in early November. This young lady was at an ice cream shop and a bunch of us began discussing facebook, Twitter and blogging. Imagine my shock when she revealed that she was not on facebook. I was dumbfounded. I wanted to communicate with her-what would I do if she was not on my most used site for keeping up my friendships.
She had an idea. She shared that she loves to write letters. I was amazed. Letters? Really? She talked about the fact that their is an art form to old fashioned communication and as we move ahead it is important not to forget the beauty of all forms of communication. The next week I was both surprised and flattered that she sent me a letter. I have gotten to know her in a great way since that day. I also reminded myself that stamps, envelopes and paper are good to keep on hand. The next time that I teach a group of teens about literacy-letters will be a part of the conversation. How do you communicate with those that you care about? Have you thought about writing someone a note and surprising them? I have a challenge for you! Try to surprise one person each month with a heartfelt letter. Most likely they will be surprised and grateful. I have not seen my new friend since I first met her but I have a feeling that I know her better than I would if I would have only communicated with her on facebook.
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