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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

There is hope

In this time of recession and opportunity is looming. I have spoken to many people who have lost their jobs, their financial stability and the lifestyle that they are accustomed to is being threatened by the current economic state of America. There is always a silver lining and sometimes we have to discover it the hard way. Many people that have had rough times have realized that they have more strength than they thought they did. My seminars on the Power Of People are meant to motivate and inspire as well as teach people the principles that they need to effectively brand and present themselves despite the current environment. In a time when referrals mean so much these upcoming seminars are valuable. Sign up for my webinar on networking and using social media to increase the value of your brand. This will take place on June 19th at 12 p.m. it is a hour session but it is well worth the time and the cost of $15.00. My next seminar is July 9th and this will be on using the referral generation to take your career and professional brand to the next level. There will also be a focus on using social networking to boost your online presence. Please pass these opportunities on to others that you meet and offer hope in a time of challenge.
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