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Friday, July 16, 2010

Beauty for all...

I had the pleasure of going on a shopping/hang time with a great friend this week. I was inspired to write this blog post because we stopped into a large department store retailer cosmetic area where we were greeted by very friendly make-up artists who asked if we wanted make-overs. I instantly felt the discouragement in my heart. Something told me that they would not have my shade of foundation or powder but I quieted the voice inside-reminded myself that we were in 2010 and simply asked about the shades of foundation that they carry. I could tell that the artist that I was speaking to had never thought of that dilemma and she looked a bit nervous. She grabbed a shade and tried it out on my hand.
I noticed that it did not blend and my heart sank. The lady asked if I wanted a makeover again. I told her that the shade did not match and she let out a breath and said yeah I agree but I wasn't going to say anything. She proceeded to ask me if I wanted a makeover without foundation and I declined. I figured that if you were going to get dolled up foundation is the...well foundation.
I watched as my friend who is more fair than I in skin tone received a beautiful makeover. She is very pretty anyway and her heart matches her outward appearance. The store did a great job on her and I could not help but feel like this experience could make an enriching and thought provoking blog post.
I thought about how the cosmetic industry at this particular counter had shades that ranged to fit many hues but not mine. I also thought about how this could impact women and girls who needed beauty products but had to settle for less.
As an advocate and author for self-esteem and diversity I realize that this encounter did not happen by chance but that it could be a learning experience for beauty retailers that don't meet the needs of all shades of beauty. Have you ever felt that you were not acknowledged by the beauty industry in any way? Please share. I'd love to have an open discussion on this topic and think about how we can help the industry know that there is room for improvement.
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