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Friday, July 30, 2010

Peanut Butter and Jelly at it's best

Do you remember Summer stories and snack times? How about running in to have a sandwich cut just right waiting for you when you were finished playing? I recall times like this with fondness. I also remember the people who helped me to be able to enjoy such luxuries. When I was young we had to rely on foodbanks from time to time to get us through the summer. Light House of Oakland County was one of the banks that contributed to our family in great detail. They helped us with food, toys and more. I remember when I had to rely on them with funds for a special class that I needed. I was a teenager but I recall vividly the feeling of gratitude in my heart. I looked the cooridnator in the eye and said to her that one day I would help them out...the day has come!
You can help too! This summer we are having PB&J drives at many area businesses and drop-off locations. We also are including a special storytime series for those who give back. Are you interested in giving bread, jelly or peanut butter? How about raisins? Let us know and you might just be featured on this blog!
Let's make this a fun summer for those in need!
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