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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New thoughts...New year

Are you eager to embrace your goals in 2013? Many people around you might be talking about their desires to get closer to fulfilling certain accomplishments. What about you? What will you plan on changing this year? How do you want to make 2013 better than 2012? Think about it. Close your eyes and picture yourself graduating from college, starting a new job or making that special dream come true. In 2008-I had a goal of being published. It took hard work, dedication and support from some of the closest people in my life and it finally happened. I remember how I felt when I got to see my name in print. I loved being at a bookstore signing out copies of my own writings for children and teachers. I felt elated that my goal was now a reality. As you begin to think of your next big goal being met-don't forget the ones that you already have been able to fulfill. What was hard for you last year? What made you work extra hard? Did you get to see it through to completion? Before starting your new goal list...write down the things that you already made happen. Mindfulness builds awareness of our strengths and gratitude to those who helped out along the way. You can do it. Next year is next week but you don't have to wait to embrace all that you can do right now. -Read something great

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