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Monday, February 4, 2013

February Friendship Challenge

I know. Everywhere you go-you see hearts. Candy sentiments. Balloon bouquets. Reminders of relationships and valentines day consumes your tv, computer pop-ups and your inbox. Let's start a new trend. Let's make February the month that we focus on friendship. Who has been by your side all year? Who has sat with you at the hardest times in your life? Who could use your support right now? Let's do some reinventing. I propose that we make over February. I am not saying that we completely do away with recognizing our significant others (I mean, I still want stuff from my hubistrator). I am proposing that we include friends and even a few strangers in our kindness efforts this month. Can we make cupcakes for the office? Bring candy bars to the classroom? A small gesture like a handwritten note can make someone smile in a beautiful way. If you want to take the February Friendship challenge. Please tell us how it went. We want to know! -Read something great

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