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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January Dreams!

How has this year been for you so far? Are you watching your goal list closely? For me it has somewhat of a whirlwind. A few of my favorite moments from this year are worth sharing. Last year I won an award called "Keeper of The Dream" this award salutes people who exhibit principles, character and contributions that follow in the footsteps of Dr. King's vision. This year I was able to be a guest and meet the new winners of the award. They all had amazing accomplishments, stories and hope for the future. I also was able to meet a business person that calls me higher and inspires me to grow and continue to reach for the best.
Daymond Jon, Sharktank Star, author and entrepreneur gave an incredible speech to remind us of the dream keepers that we see everyday and to celebrate each step and contribution respectfully. The other amazing opportunity that I had this year was to present for a group of parents of preschoolers on the importance of prosocial development. It seems small to always remind a child to say please and thank you but this is the seeds we plant when we want to create the next dream keeper. Have any of your January dreams come true? Are you still working on them? The month is not over yet. -Read something great

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