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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Celebrate Who you are!

I try and sign all of my books "celebrate who you are". One of my colleagues suggested that I write that in her children's books and since that day I realized that this was a profound statement. "Who I am not what I am" is about celebrating who you are! You can be white, black, both and none of the above does not matter who you are-you should celebrate who you are! Many times I meet people who say I love this book but I have a boy or my child is not bi-racial so they decide not to purchase it. I wrote this book for every child and truly hope that they can find something in it that can help them to understand that they are awesome and to be celebrated. So today as you read my blog please take some time to play a game, smile at a stranger or forgive someone for a wrong and remember that you are worthy of a celebration no matter what!

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