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Monday, July 14, 2008

Who I am not What I am!

Hi Readers!
We are asked for it you got it:)
Please feel free to post your opinions, thoughts, and suggestions for WhoIamnotwhat Iam! If you have not read this book please feel free to purchase it from, Borders or Barnes & Noble. My book embraces self-esteem and diversity in children. Janelle is a young girl who is bi-racial and is very happy with her life until kids at school question her race and make her feel insecure about who she is. When Janelle talks to her parents about her dilemma she learns an important lesson....................


nICOLE jOHNSON said...

A wonderful book for all to read and a great lesson for all to learn!

I love it! good work! I put you on the "blogs you might like" link on my blog page:

Claire StaAna said...

"Celebrate who you are"... so the author signs. Such a short, yet truly profound statement. And the book is a great tool to start instilling this practice to our little ones. I am proud of you, Tara!