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Monday, January 18, 2010

Keep Dreaming!

Today is a special day in which we acknowledge a man who gave his life for freedom. What I find fascinating is that he not only gave his life for the freedom of his family but those around him. I have benefited greatly from the dream and drive of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I was not even born when he gave his paramount speech or when he marched on Washington. I never was told that I can't sit at a lunch counter or that I better get to the back of the bus. I'm just a girl who has been inspired by his passion and faith to make his dream a reality. Today banks will be closed and most kids will be given a day off of school to remember the work that Dr. King stood for. What will you do with this day?
I will be having a meeting to help a company with their diversity action planning in the morning and speaking at a college on King's legacy and how it has inspired me tonight.
If this man's dream could live on after he is gone...your dreams can too.
What do you want to accomplish? What legacy do you want to leave behind? What is holding you back? My advice? Through off all that hinders you from reaching goals that greatly improve the lives of others.
Everyday I am grateful that I get to do what I love in regards to influencing the work of diversity awareness and sharing books that are great tools for students, parents and teachers to have open dialogue about race and ethnicity.
Enjoy this special day, reflect on how it has changed your life and read something great!

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Jonathon Arntson said...

If there's one good thing said about me when I die, or even before then, I want it to be that I changed someone's life. They were lost, confused, or just plain down and then they read one of my books and felt uplifted and inspired. I have felt that way several times this year and I am on the best high of my life, time to start writing and spread the word.

Thanks for this post, too. Your words say it all.