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Monday, January 11, 2010

Pretty women wonder where my secret lies...

I have always loved the poem Phenomenal woman by Maya Angelou. The poem is both inspiring and thought provoking. Have you ever met a person that did not hold the stereotype of traditional beauty that took your breath away as though they were the most gorgeous person on the planet? I have. I am amazed at how many people are super models at heart. The people that impress me the most are the one's that have a breath taking spirit. Take a deeper look today as you encounter those you meet. Look at their eyes for a sparkle instead of eye-shadow. Pay close attention to their they empower? Beauty is not only skin deep it is just deep. True beauty flows from inside out and that is a trend that is always in style. Have you seen my web show? The beauty shop focuses on inner beauty and self-esteem. Let's help our young people to appreciate the fashion of their character over the fashion of clothing. Make this Monday memorable and put your best face forward!
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Anonymous said...

This is great! I would like to share this with our Young Women's Christian Council. -Niketa