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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Lover of Literacy Challenge and update...

Readers as a lover of literacy I have done some interesting things. I have written two books that promote self-esteem and diversity in children. I speak at schools, libraries and organizations that have a passion for reading and writing. This year I also partenered with Operation: Kid Equip, a wonderful non-profit in Southeastern Michigan that provides dreams by way of school supplies and support to children who are low-income. This summer we plan on providing a personalized book signing to many of these childen.
Summer reading is probably far away in our minds but it is not that far away in reality. In order to meet this goal it is important that we fundraise for this goal now so that the future of area kids is brighter and filled with the beauty and promise that only books can bring. I challenge you! Get involved! If you read to a class, volunteer at a library or donate to our literacy project you are making a big difference. You can even do all three!
Books change lives...let's be a part of the miracle!
Read something great!

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Jonathon Arntson said...

Great post, check on volunteering at the library, I will work on the other two!