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Friday, January 11, 2013

Take a risk...Smile at a stranger!

This year is fresh and new! We all have traditions when the month of January rolls around. Some people decide to exercise more, try a new hairstyle or embark on a new adventure. I have a suggestion to add to your goal list...give unbridled kindness to those who come across your path. Life is not always easy and some people smile through incredibly hard circumstances. I propose that we add our own smiles to the mix and share them freely with those we don't know. Now I am not saying that we have to restrict free smiles only to strangers-everyone could use uplifting. I have found myself waiting in a line at a coffee shop or driving in heavy traffic and when I give a simple smile at a person who makes eye contact with me something special happens...they smile too. It is contagious, heart-warming and can change your day and the days of those that you don't even know. Do you want to be a difference maker? Smile! -Read something great.

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