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Monday, January 14, 2013


TGIF is very familiar to us. Friday comes and people cheer...they welcome the day before Saturday signaling a break from the week. I love Friday too. I have a proposal though...think about Monday. Monday is met with doom and gloom. People typically call Monday the day that they least appreciate. How man phrases have you heard that put down Monday as dreaded and dismal? Okay...I know you are waiting on my proposal. So...let's make today mindful. Instead of running away from the fact that Monday is another day that we have been given as a gift-let's celebrate it. If we put our best foot forward and think about the fact that Monday gives us a fresh start-I think our week will benefit from it. When the new year rolls around people get excited. They are ready to be done with the old and embrace the new. Let's do the same with Monday. Let's make it our new week celebration. You can do a countdown, have a special coffee and/or make resolutions/goals for your week. What do you say? Are you with me on a mindful Monday makeover? Let me know your plans! -Read something great

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