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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Much To Do about everything

Hi Readers!
I've been very busy this week which got me to thinking about the way that I treat people when I am on a mission. It is very easy to be nice to others when I have time on my hands but when I have a lot going on and I am stressed....that's when it can get scary. So what I've discovered is that I have to evaluate myself during hectic times more than typical. When my to-do list is full I should be full of compassion for others not short-tempered and self-serving. One of the goals of "Who I am not what I am" is to make people think about the way we accept ourselves and others. I don't believe we can be truly happy with ourselves if we treat others harshly or unfairly. Food for thought:) Please mark your calendars for Southgate! This Saturday I will be at the Southgate Center Mall from 2-4 at Walden Books. I hope that you can make it!

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