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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fun of Photos!

Readers, I have always loved pictures. I recall being younger and playing with a fake Fisher Price camera snapping at my friends. I loved school picture day when I received a small comb and happily smiled at the birdie.
I try to take lots of pictures of the events that I am at to remember the special moments that I have with my readers! Now it's time to tell you how you can get involved in the fun of photos with the "Who I Am" series! If you have any photos from a "Who I Am" event and you share them with me-you will get a special treat!
I will accept photos with readers that have my book(s) in hand or if you have come to see me at an event and snapped a photo in that way. Be creative because it will be featured on my blog and you will get a treat! The cool part is that everyone is a winner! The photo above is from the creator of Glitterfelt Stories! She shared my book with her girl scout troop in California! Shelby, a gift is coming your way for sharing
I can't wait to see your photos! Send them to with the subject of Photo Fun!
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