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Monday, February 22, 2010

Literacy Love note....

I promised you from time to time that I would show gratitude through my blog posts to those who have made a significant difference in my life allowing me to be who i am today. Many of you who follow me on Twitter or who buy my books know about my "Hubistrator". Jason Michener is my husband, my best friend, my illustrator and more. If you enjoyed the illustrations in 100% is because of his expertise in art that made those pictures possible.
Before "Who I Am Not What I Am" and 100% Real Jason gave me motivation to see my dream realized. He gave me encouragement and feedback on my beginning drafts and idea sessions. It is because of him that Janelle and Zoey are who they are. So I just thought I'd take some time out to give him a public thank you for the literacy love! Remember how far a small act of kindness can go. A smile, uplifting word and compliment can be the foundation to some one's dream or career path being above board! Think about someone who made a difference to you and that set the stage to take you to where you are in life. It doesn't hurt to let them know that it meant a lot.
If you want you can comment on this blog and mention them publicly.
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Tammy said... and support is what spurs us on. That's so cool that he's your illustrator too...Boy did God bless you girl : )