Professionals Against Bullying

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Everyday children are bombarded with self-defeating messages about their appearance, social status, economic background and more. Bullying has been able to leave the school yard and fight its way into the home of those who are tortured by it through the Internet. I thought about this long and hard before I wrote any of my books. I remembered the days of my own torture and had chatted with many people that understand that due to these behaviors low self-esteem is rampant in our young people. When children understand diversity they understand acceptance. My books are on specific subject matters such as living in a multi-racial family or being adopted, but my books are for everyone. I have met many people who have children that do not have similar lives to the characters in my books that have said oh that's nice but my child has high self-esteem or my child is not adopted. Please understand the importance of your children...our children, reading about lives that reflect a different status as their own. When children understand each other they respect one another and hopefully this will be the beginning of the end for the urge to bully or taunt other children based on ignorance. If you have not ordered my books you can do so on my pay pal page to get your signed copy. I urge you that it is a gift worth the investment.
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