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Saturday, July 11, 2009


This world is always a better place when we make it smaller by making the right connections. This week I have began a search on Twitter for people that have a common bond with name. I thought that it would be fun to meet as many Tara's as possible and connect with them through social networking. As an author this is the way that I keep in touch with many of my readers. I began my search yesterday and found so many great people! Tara's that are authors, PR people, coffee lovers, marathoners, and more! I will continue to keep you posted on my findings. If you are a Tara and you are reading this and you have not followed me yet please find me on Twitter and add me! If you are a Tara and you are following me...glad to be connected. This world is a great place for those who love to connect!
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Cheyl Pope said...

That was a good idea. I might borrow it soon:)