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Thursday, September 24, 2009


Reading is more than just a great activity. Reading a great book answers some of the hardest questions in the world. If you need a new can get a cook book. If you want to laugh...a joke book. If you want to write a great may need a Thesauraus or a dictionary to help out. If you want to get your book published...many books are out there to help with that endeavor. Reading is not only for helps us to understand how to function. I always find it sad when I talk to a child that tells me that they don't like books. I usually ask them why and a typical response is that reading is boring. When children are able to embrace the beauty of reading at a young is hard to think of it as a boring activity.

My goal as a published author is to help young people realize that success begins with a book. In order to do this I am committed to being a champion for Literacy. My "Be A Part Of Their Story" Literacy project is the first step to getting kids excited about the reading, writing, speaking and most important learning. It takes a book to teach a child that they can be anything they want to be. Many children may grow up in humble circumstances but a book can help them to climb out of those struggles into a world of opportunity. I should life was filled with books but not necessarily with wealth. My love for books afforded me opportunities that I otherwise would not be privy to.

A book is more than a story it is the key to a great future...

Read something great!

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