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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

In the name of inclusion...

Today I am gearing up for the Novi Chamber of Commerce Diversity Roundtable. This is a group of professional business people that meet on a monthly basis to educate, inform and support the cause of diversity & inclusion. I created this group in the Spring and have had overwhelming support from the leaders at the Novi Chamber of Commerce and area businesses to keep it thriving. We have discussed many relevant issues such as stereotyping customers, disability accommodating and more.
This committed group understands that diversity is everybody's responsibility. What can you do in your school, community or workplace to help inclusion be a success? Have you thought about it?
The goal of my children's book series is to educate youngsters on the value of
self-esteem and diversity. My books also help families to be able to incorporate inclusion into their household in a fun and informative way.
If you have not already read the "Who I Am" series please look for it today. You can purchase signed copies on this page. Everyone can make a difference and reading a book to a child to help them to love themselves and others is a great effort towards this goal!
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