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Monday, September 14, 2009

Making things better one book at a time...

When I was in middle school I clung to books more than anything. I was a awkward girl with big hair and fashion challenged clothes...but I was a reader! I was never without a book. I recall how books shaped me into a different person. I was teased for speaking proper instead of using the latest slang. I loved to write my own reviews about my latest read in my journal. I did not realize it at that time but reading on a regular basis made me a smarter person. I was not trying to be considered smart when I picked up a book I was trying to be entertained.
Reading on a regular basis allowed me to have a increased vocabulary, a love for writing and a great comprehension level. I was in the sixth grade when I was told by a school counselor that a test revealed that my English level was the same as a 11th grade student average. A love for literacy was planted in me when I became attached to books.
I would love to help others gain that passion for reading by stepping outside of my comfort zone and allowing others to use my books as a literary guide to their own special story. I am working on a project in conjunction with Little Girls, Big Dreams to expand the literacy level of 1st-4th grade girls in Pontiac, Michigan. I would love it if you would like to know more about this project. You can email me at We can change the world for so many people one book at a time. We will not only develop those who love a great story...but those who are future writers, reviewers and more because the possibility is truly endless when a child picks up a book.
Read something great!

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