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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


If you follow my blog on a regular basis or my tweets-you know that I am a literacy fanatic! When kids feel great about reading...they typically excel in writing, comprehension, speech, etc. I am currently asking for donations for the "Little Girls, Big Dreams" Literacy non-profit in Pontiac Michigan. This charitable cause allows young girls who are in the 1st-4th grade to embrace literacy after school in a non-pressure environment. I had the pleasure of visiting the girls in early November and sign out books for all of them-thanks to some awesome sponsors!
On December 10th I am eager to visit them again bearing holiday gifts. If you are interested you can donate a book off of my page on the side panel or you can email me at and we can discuss gift items that may be helpful to the hardworking young ladies.
I will be sure to upload photo's of my December visit to the blog so that you can share in the experience!
To end today's blog post I thought that I would post a top five list for literacy development feel free to comment and add your own ideas if you goes:

1.) Read to children as early as possible
2.) Show kids how to write cards, letters, thank-you notes, etc.
3.)visit your local author (shameless plug-I'll be at Briarwood Mall from 12-2 this Sat)
4.) Play word games like Scrabble
5.)Allow your kids to read to you!

Read something great!