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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mean Girls...overcoming bullying & toxic relationships...

I had my share of teasing and taunting as a young girl. I was picked on for being too smart, not being smart enough, being too dark, talking too proper, and the list goes on. I remember being insecure and afraid of meeting new people because I wanted to escape rejection. It is a blessing that the insecure and cautious girl that I used to be blossomed into a confident person willing to talk to anybody about anything. I realize that many young people don't feel great about themselves and that those feelings can result in them being victims of bullies or becoming bullies themselves.
Confidence coaching by parents, peers and the community is a practice that should start early in a young persons life. Teaching a child about those who differ from them in appearance and inwardly can help them to be more accepting as they enter school and feel pressure to taunt others. The "Who I Am" series is a great addition to early diversity awareness campaigns and self-esteem workshops.
I would love to say that once children get older that these pressures go away...but it is not true. If a person does not learn to get along with others and to practice genuine kindness and compassion this just leads to adults that use the core principles of bullying in their lives as grown-ups.
Some of the people that targeted me as a child were the people that I thought I shared friendship with. Children need to know that it is okay to let go of friendships that prove toxic. I am not saying that forgiveness should be absent but I am saying that I would like children to learn when to walk away from a bad relationship.
If your school, church, etc. would be interested in a Dream/Esteem workshop on diversity & anti-bullying I would be happy to give you a quote and even happier that these principles are being shared to strengthen the characters of our future!
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anita said...

Tara, thank you for discussing this topic. Many people think that only bullies, but you put an end to that stereotype. Thank you for bringing this forward for discussion.