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Friday, December 25, 2009

The sweetest gift!

For many years I saw Christmas as a time to show my family how much I cared for them. This is not a bad idea. Although my way of showing love was through expensive and lavish gifts. This year my husband and I set a $10 limit for our family and friends. I have to tell you it is not easy for me to give gifts that are this price. It is a big test of my character to help me not to be materialistic though.

I realize that a $10 limit is okay for a purchased gift as long as I don't limit love this season. I have the ability to break the bank with care and thoughtfulness this year. Is it challenging for you to give when it does not require money but thought? We made homemade candy and we will enjoy a breakfast with my beautiful family & friends this morning. It occurred to me how blessed I am. I have such a wonderful group of people that love me unconditionally and this is a true gift.

What gifts have you given that are priceless? I want to let you know that you, my reader, belong in the priceless category. Thanks for reading! Merry Christmas.

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Sheila Hawkins said...

Tara, to answer your question, the sweetest gift I've ever gotten is my son. That gift keeps giving every day with his smile, laughter and his love.

Sandie Lee said...

Hi Tara;

I too made a lot of homemade gifts this Christmas. I believe love is the most precious gift we can give and receive :)