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Saturday, February 28, 2009


I had a wonderful Saturday! I was able to encounter so many beautiful hearted people at Botsford Wellness. I was given the opportunity to chat with many people in reference to my writing techniques and also engage interest in others for future journaling sessions. I am always so thrilled to teach the Young Writers Workshop series because the people that attend display so much talent and promise. I listened to the works of so many people today and I was amazed at the hard work and thought they put into their artwork and how they inspire others. A poem that is my favorite is Still I Rise by Maya Angelou. This poem is about doing incredible things despite circumstances. In this poem Maya makes no excuses for her heritage, economic standing, etc. She realizes that she is a gift from above and that this gives her the right to be confident and feel great about who she is. If you are reading this today and you feel that you lacking or unable to rise above your circumstances whatever they may be...I want to tell you that this is not true. When I have faith in myself I am shocked by the results of my behavior and when I have faith in others it is contagious. yours! Use it to the best of your ability.
Read something great and keep rising!

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