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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Hi Readers,
I was really expecting snow today. I thought to myself last night...OK I must get ready early in case the roads are bad and I have to clean off my car...etc, etc. Guess what?! No Snow! This may not be a popular opinion for those who truly love to see the blanket of ivory every time it comes to visit...but this makes me happy! My favorite season is Spring. The reason why is that the snow is melted away and replaced with flowers, sunshine and I believe hope. I see my neighbors more often when the weather is warm. I am able to play outside again and wear sandals (Yay no socks or stockings!) I also get a fresh new dose of inspiration for my creativity. I notice that when the seasons change my outlook also transforms. I realize that something new and exciting is not only going on outside but inside of me! I started writing "Who I am not what I am" in the spring and it was launched in the spring...did I mention that I was born in the Spring? I will be careful not to go on a tangent... but I will remind you that this Spring will bring the Spring Writing Retreat! Bring your creativity and even a friend to this fun event filled with workshops, networking, food and more! We will stay overnight and have a great time. The cost is $150/person and you can register on this site using the Paypal buttons...SPACE IS LIMITED. You have a better chance of being able to go if you sign up quickly. If your side of the globe is snowy or filled with sunshine be sure to ...enjoy your day! Their is a season for everything!
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