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Monday, August 10, 2009


I love to use social networking sites to meet new people. I have a healthy amount of friends on Face book, My connections on Linked In are pretty high and I just love my followers and those I follow on Twitter. In this day and age social networking can help people to advertise their businesses, network online and make old connections fresh again. I realize that their is true value in social networking and that is one of the reasons why I created the Power Of People Seminar series that allows people to come and find out how social networking entities like blogging, Twitter and more can help their chances of gaining a better professional brand. I have to admit although social networking is a great reward and enhancement to any business...the face to face interaction is just as important. I love to attend networking events and meet people face to face and exchange business cards. I find out so much about people by attending soirees, after five events and the like. If you would like to give the laptop a break and get out and meet people that might make a difference in your professional growth ...join us on August 13th at the Networking @ Night Business Card can sign up on my site and reserve your is the deadline!

Hope to see you soon!

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