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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We make it work...

As my readers you are entitled to know a bit more about me as an author than those who do not follow my musings online. Since we have this realtionship I feel that I can share with you a bit of a catastrophe that I had this morning that may yield some meaning for you and me to continue to try even when it is tough. I love the fact that my office is inside of my home this tends to give me the freedom to multi-task during my workday. I can work in my pajamas if I am not having a outside meeting, I can throw in some laundry while I finish tasks and yes ever so often I can get ambitious and decide to bake. Today as I was working I took a brief break and decided to bake a bread using a recipe that did not exist ...I figured I'd be creative. The mixture of batter included many ingredients that seemed like a good idea (assumptions, assumptions). When the bread was complete I took it out of the oven and smiled at it because it looked like it would be a great snack or tomorrow's breakfast. I let it cool on the rack as I continued to get more work done. I went back to actually sample a piece and found that the bread had grown considerably smaller in size and flatter! I sliced into it to find a doughy mush concoction that resembled applesauce with a yeasty texture. I decided that when life throws you dough...make cookies! So I did. Take a peek at the photos...these are my twice baked cookies! Okay so I have not tried them yet but I feel like it's kind of cool that I did not give up because things got tough. My moral to share with you is that if you are striving to be a writer, to finish college or just to make some great creative recipes...don't give up...sometimes the best ideas come after a revision!

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