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Sunday, August 30, 2009

If it wasn't for books...

Have you ever imagined a world void of books? I think that everyone would miss the memory of their first story hour. Kindergarten classrooms would not have much to rely on for building imagination without the tales of endearing characters. Reading would miss some of it's appeal if we could not use it as a past-time. Books have been my friend in writing reports, keeping me company on road trips and of course it is my career to write books that help children with their self-esteem & diversity. I'd like to think the books that I have written from the "Who I Am" Series has made some one's world a better place and that without it...things would not be the same. Making time to read is not always easy but the comforting thought is that when you take time to read your favorite book is right there waiting for you! Enjoy a great book today and cherish it because it is the core of education, fun and creativity. Read something great!

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