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Monday, August 31, 2009

Real, biological, natural...EVERYONE!

My newest book features Zoey, a young girl who is new to her family, school and neighborhood. Zoey is adopted and finds out that many people do not understand her when she enters her new classroom. Janelle (from "Who I Am Not What I Am") her new friend instantly encourages Zoey even though the other kids ask embarrassing questions that make Zoey feel uncomfortable. Zoey's journey in this book is to educate, entertain and make people think about the diversity of families in our society. I feel that it is important for kids to know that all kids and families may not look exactly like theirs but that does not take away their worth as a family or the child's worth as a kid. Talk to someone young today about their family and try to find out how their family may be unique from your own. This world is global and diversity is a beautiful fact if people continue to educate themselves and their loved ones of the benefits of differences and similarities.

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Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

Zoey is a popular name for the tween/teen generation right now. Congrats on your book.