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Thursday, August 13, 2009


For a writer... inspiration can be found in your own backyard! The key to writing well is to have a good understanding of the images mentioned in your stories. Do you mention that her father is protective or that he guarded her like a rockwall in a garden of flowers. Can you use the same imagery that you see in your everyday life to take place in your stories? Her misery guided her to the pond. She sat on the bench wondering is she would ever be as still as the waters before her. Sometimes it can be therapeutic to let your thoughts settle to take a walk and capture photos of scenery that you find interesting. The photos that you see from today's post are from my neighborhood. People watching is also a great way to think of ways to make your characters real (I would not recommend taking photos of them without their permission). Being a writer is a creative process whichever way leads you to a great story, book or journal entry is the best way. I hope that you enjoyed seeing the highlights from my walk today!

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