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Monday, November 23, 2009

What a great weekend!!

I had the pleasure of kicking off this past weekend with those closest to me and near & dear to my heart...the teens that we have mentored over the past year. We had a Thankful Party complete with turkey dogs and burgers (veggie options for me) and celebrated the upcoming holiday. We played games, chatted and made sure before everyone left they thought of something that they were thankful for. This group of young people has been so inspirational to me and my hubby/illustrator (the hubistrator!).
It is a blessing to see so many young people strive to do what is right as opposed to doing what is easy. Thanks to Romika, Chris, Wes, Alex, Adasia, LaSaesha and Tony joining us to make this event a great one!
On Saturday I was inspired by the ladies of the Black Women In Business Brainstorm! A great group of women who are doing great things professionally and creatively showed up and networked with me at our monthly breakfast meeting. I am so happy to have new members join our number! Welcome to Adra Young, Tracie Christian, Lori S. Robinson, Adele Nieve, and Sherie Brooks.
Saturday afternoon I was able to join in with literacy efforts all over the country and be a part of the National Day Of Reading! We met at the Northville Public Library and had great chocolate and discussions about our favorite books old and new. I found it interesting how much I had in common with Annie an 11 year old who loves Judy Blume! Isn't it great how reading bridges gaps?!
This weekend save the date for my book signing at Great Lakes Crossings Mall in the Borders Express! I will be signing copies of the "Who I Am" series from 12-2.
I can't wait to chat more! Read something great.

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