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Sunday, January 25, 2009


Hi Readers!
Many times I am approached by people who ask me "Was it hard writing a book?" The answer is always YES! I have noticed that many times the hardest challenges that I have faced have brought me the greatest joys! Writing my book was in fact difficult but I think that when things are tough for me I appreciate them more. I am currently training to run a half marathon. I'm suprised at how tough it is. I've always enjoyed exercise and I workout on a regular basis. I've learned that I am not the best at endurance. Running requires focus, determination and consistency. Isn't it interesting how running and writing require the same skills? When I decided I wanted to write a book, It did not just appear. I had to put a lot of thought, hard work and determination into the process. I had to be disciplined enough to write daily and to be sure that I presented the best work that I could so that others could benefit from the story of Janelle. If you want to accomplish any's possible! Remember that any goal worth reaching will require hard work, strength, determination and focus.
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